Save power! Turn off the streetlights in day

Save the Power! Turn off the streetlights in dayVARANASI: It is a usual case when the streetlights are on from dusk to dawn. However in the Holy city, they continue to consume electricity even during the day time. Here streetlights are never turned off in some areas.

For instance, in the busy area of Nai Sadak, streetlights are working perfectly yet it is of no use. People do not need this artificial in the middle of the day as sunlight is enough to bright up the path. The same condition prevails in some other parts of the city. Streetlight are burning for 24 hours a day. The municipal corporation is well aware of their negligence. However, they call it “lack of staff” to escape the liability.

The streetlights at Telia bagh, Lahurabir, Beniya bagh, Nai sadak, and Chowk among others, often seem to be burning day and night round the clock. “Every morning, one can see several lights are still on yet it is bright enough for them to be off. However, people usually do not notice them under the glare of the sun, especially in scorching summer noon”, a Telia bagh shopkeeper says.

Acknowledging the issue, SC Singh, executive engineer at Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) commented, “There is no separate street light wire in 58 kilometer in the city. That means there the lights are to be switched on and off manually.”

Further describing the operating activity, he added, “A back switch has been installed at all such poles. It is to be turned on and off every evening and morning respectively. But as we do not have enough personnel to perform the duty, the problem of 24-hour streetlights in daytime exists.”

The Holy city is known for regular power cuts. Instead of wasting electricity during the day time due to 24-burning lights, it could be provided to the public.

Streetlights are wasting electricity in dayHowever, when asked about the amount of electricity being consumed during the day burning, VMC officials quipped that there is an agreement between Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited (PVVNL) and VMC that the latter pays an exact amount for electricity irrespective of its consumption. Hence, they do not have any data with this regard.

A few month ago the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited in the face of city mayor Ram Gopal Mohle prepared a proposal on installation of streetlight wires in the entire city, wherever needed. No progress has been reported till the date.