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The way you write letter ‘x’ describes your personality

Handwriting can say alot about our personality. Graphology studies the relation between handwriting and the writer’s personal chracteristics. A professional handwriting expert can even identify a psychological state of mind of the author at the moment of writing just by analysing details of the written letters.

Recently, handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight (working for Oprah magazine) has revealed that the way we write letter “X” says alot about our character and personality. She also disclosed the “correct” way to draw “X”.

Now, have a look at the possible ways of writing ‘X’ and choose the one you usually use.

Ways to write "X"

#1. You’re focused on the past

According to the specialist, people, who prefer to write ‘X’ starting from the right bottom corner and making the second diagonal line from the left bottom corner to the top right top corner, are stuck in their past. You do not like to move forward. Instead you are living your memories from the past.

#2. You’re haunted by past

This type of people have common connection with the past like type #1. The difference is that they are willing to burn bridges to the past and move forward. The difficulty is that your past memories are constantly haunting you, not allowing to look straight into the future.

#3. You have rebellious spirit

If you draw the first line of ‘X’ from the top right corner, and the second – rising up from the right bottom corner, you posess a rebellious spirit. You do not follow and mix in the crowd. Rather you enjoy to stand out and confront the commonly-accepted norms and views. The reason for such a behaviour is not named by the handwriting specialist.

#4. Your focus is on your future, yet…

According to Kathi McKnight, drawing the second line from right top to left bottom signifies that such people are focused on their future, yet they cannot totally look straight and always look back. The specialist compares such character with driving the car forward but looking through a rearview mirror.

#5. You are independent

You draw the first line of ‘X’ from left top to right bottom and the second line goes up from the left bttom to right top? It says that you are an independent freedom lover. You make your own rules in life and live according to yourself.

#6. Influencer

You have a strong personality and people around start to take example from you. You set new trends and tones for others.

#7.  Obedient order liker

This is the only universally ‘correct’ way to write ‘X’. If you follow this traditional way, you’re a balanced person who likes order in everything. There is no place for mess in your life. You make plans and follow them step by step achieving success.

#8. You’re creative

There is slight difference between #8 and #7. In this case you just change the order of writing lines while the way they are drawn remains the same. It signifies that you like to think outside the box and this makes you a very creative person. You find unique traits in seemingly ordinary things, do routine tasks with an innovative approach.


How do you write ‘X’? Are the mentioned traits correctly describe your personality?

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