The Transporter Refueled (2015): Trailer & Film Review

The Transporter Refueled (2015): Tailer & Film Review

Fasten your seat belts now. It’s The Transporter Refueled. It’s time for revenge. The reboot of the Transporter series is hitting cinema theatres this September.

Movie: The Transporter: Refueled.
Genre: action, thriller, adventure.
Directors: Camille Delamarre.
Script writers: Luc Besson, Bill Collage, Adam Cooper.
Cast: Ed Skrein, Loan Chabanol, Ray Stevenson, Gabriella Wright, Tatjana Pajković, Wenxia Yu, Lenn Kudrjawizki, Radivoje Bukvić, Noémie Lenoir, Anatole Taubman.
Year: 2015.
Country: France, China.
Release dates:
– September 2, 2015 (Philippines);
– September 3, 2015 (Germany, Greece);
– September 4, 2015 (UK, Ireland, Poland, Pakistan, USA);
– September 9, 2015 (France);
– September 10, 2015 (Russia, Serbia, Portugal, Singapore);
– September 24, 2015 (Italy, Netherlands),
check for the release date in other countries on IMDb.
Running time: 1 hour 36 minutes.

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Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) is an experience transporter, in fact, the only best of the kind. He knows well the rules and is aware of all the hidden pitfalls of the profession. However, this time the skillful hero is outsmarted by wicked and tricky femme fatal Anna. She and her three sidekicks hire Frank to transport unusual packages. He takes up the deal. However, they’ve simply used him and the offered work is just a honeytrap. They made him to help them to pull a big bank job.

Eventually, the cunning woman and her people kidnap Frank’s father (Ray Stevenson). They threaten Frank that they will kill the old man if the son does not help them knock down a Russian kingpin, the leader of a Russian human trafficker group. The story is getting personal to Frank. His blood plays. Nothing can stop him from saving the life of his dad

Here the action starts involving impetuous car racing and chasing, fighting and kick-ups. With the time the movie flow only speeds up taking breath of the audience and putting the viewers in suspense.

The Transporter Refueled: Trailer #2

The Transporter Refueled: Teaser Trailer

The Transporter Refueled Review

Leading actor

This time The Transporter Refueled is featuring a new actor – Ed Skrein – in the leading role of Frank Martin. This change may be considered as controversial. The fans of  The Transporter may unconsciously compare the newcomer Skein with the former Statham who made three previous parts of the film. However, those who did not seethe initial series can appreciate Skein’s acting even having gone through the trailers. Despite that, new Frank Martin looks very natural in the given circumstances. And Skein succeeded in making his character as real as it was demanded by the filmmakers.


The Transporter refueled is undoubtedly an action movie. From the fist seconds of the trailer we can see the fast changing frames followed by the car racing on the road. The speed is increasing more and more as the story comes to its culmination. The audience will be thrilled by breathtaking scenes of chasing and fighting. Speedy changing scenes, harsh and confident actions and movements, short phrases thrown by the characters to each other along with the music effects will capture the audience into the adventurous whirlpool of events.

The moment you start watching The Transporter Refueled you will breathe in, and you will be able to breathe out only when the last scene of the movie is over.

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