LIVE BROADCAST: India takes part in 75th World War II Victory Parade in Moscow

Today the 75th World War II Victory Parade is to be held on the Red Square in Moscow. It is a grand festive event celebrated to  all over the country. This time 75 Indian servicemen will march and demonstrate their skills along with the Russian soldiers and other military contingents from 18 counries. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will be a special guest at the parade.

India’s military contingent represents three armed forces – ground forces, navy and air forces. The contingent will be led by a major rank officer of the Sikh Light Infantry Regiment. During the Second World War the regiment  participated in fight against the fascists and gained distinction for the valour and gallantry.

According to the Ambassador of Russia to India, Nikolay Kudashev, during the parade in Moscow the commentator will point out the significant contribution of India to the defeat of fascism and the fact, that Indian soldiers were awarded with the Red Star orders in 1944.

During the World War II, two Indian servicemen fascilitated a transit of military materials and equipment through Iran to the Soviet army.

India participates in the 75th Victory Parade in Moscow

“Indian military contingent will take part in the Victory Parade. No matter whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will find time to participate in the parade during this difficult time or not, this gesture means a lot. It shows that India understands the importance of the Victory, and stays on the same page with us in refusing to wrench the war results and to defame the significance of the Victory over the fascism,” – the Russian ambassador said.

Usually the Victory parade in Moscow is held on 9th May. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Russian Government had to postpone the celebrations. Today’s day, 24th June, was not randomly selected for the parade. Back in 1945, it was on that day when Russia held the first parade dedicated to the Victory in The Second World War.

India participates in the 75th Victory Parade in Moscow

India participates in the 75th Victory Parade in Moscow

India participates in the 75th Victory Parade in Moscow

The Victory Parade in Moscow is always live broadcast on various TV channels in Russia and former Soviet Republics. Today at 12:30PM (Delhi time) you can witness this grand celebration on the main square of Russia.

Watch live broadcast of the 75th  WWII Victory Parade from the Red Square, Moscow

Starts at 12:30PM (Delhi time), 10:00AM (Moscow time).