Weird News

Parrot that knows prayers runs aways from the nunnery

This interesting story has recently happened in Russia. A green winged  macaw named Romka flew away from his home which is a nunnery in the Moscow satellite town of Serpoukhov. Fortunately, the favourite pet of all nuns was later found healthy and sound.

The escape of the exotic bird was an incident due to forgetfullness of one of the nuns. She went outside and forgot that Romka was sitting on her shoulder. The disappearance of the parrot made everyone worried about the favourite pet. The search for the escapee started from social platforms. Nuns published a post encouraging local people to help them find Romka. They also offered a reward for those who would find the winged talking pet.

“He is not used to live outside. Frightened. Can behave unexpectedly”, – nuns wrote in their search post.

Fortnately, the search for the parrot didn’t last long. No one knows how much the escapee travelled outside the nunnery. However, the green winged macaw was found sitting on the tree near the nunnery walls outside.

Sisters offered their pet his favourite busuits as a bait. Romka could not resist the treat and happily left the tree to sit on one of the nun’s hands.

The nunnery has been the parrot’s home for four year. The macaw was a gift to the abess, but the bird brought happiness and joy to all the female residents of the religious place. During the time spent in the nunnery, Romka has learned greeting phases and many lines from prayers. He also likes to say “God, bless me!” (in Russian “Gospodi, pomiluy!”) and “Save me, God!” (in Russian “Spasi, Gospodi!”).

When nuns and other noviciates spend their free time in the common hall, the parrot always entertains them with his talks. Romka also likes to talk with mirrors.

After the incident, everyone in the nunnery has become more attententive to where Romka is sitting and check their shoulders before leaving for outside.