Cute wild flowers of Russia (exclusive HD wallpapers)

Beautiful wild flowers are spread all over the generous vast fields of Russia. They are hiding in the soft tender grass. In the morning wild flowers quench their thirst with crystal pure dew drops. After the sunrise they seem to smile and enjoy the sun rays bathing in the their light.

Wild flowers are silent. However, they speak so much to those who can appreciate and value the Nature’s beauty. People are used to make and give flower bouquets to each other. Yet nothing can be more beautiful than contemplating an infinite field of wild flowers. Sun rays are playing with shadow creating and unforgettable mesmerizing landscape.

In Nature everything is in harmony. Fields of flowers are not exception. In design, there is a rule to use not more than three colours. Yet Nature is genius. It combines thousands of colours and hues. Just enjoy this unforgettable beauty. It is the beauty of modesty, beauty of silence, beauty of peace.
Beautiful field blue flowers exclusive hd wallpaper

Beautiful field yellow flowers exclusive hd wallpaper

Beautiful wild flowers exclusive hd wallpaper

May lily exclusive hd wallpaper


Purple field flower exclusive hd wallpaper

Purple field flower exclusive hd wallpaper

Wild strawberry flower hd wallpaper

love-in-idleness exclusive hd wallpaper

Dandelion exclusive hd wallpaper

Field strawberry flower hd wallpaper