Job of your dream: Smartphone Tester WANTED!

Job of your dream: Smartphone Tester WANTED!ATTENTION all the smartphone fans and experience smartphone users. You are good and dropping, breaking and doing other misfortunes to your device? Then this unique vacancy is just for you. SMARTPHONE TESTER WANTED. The unique job opportunity is offered by the mobile phone comparison website The lucky one who will be appointed to the position is to test latest smartphones to destruction.

The Head of Customer Insights at TigerMobiles, Brandon Ackroyd, emphasizes the importance of the website for customers as they get to know true technical features of all the latest smartphones. The mobile device are to be tested under real life circumstances. Mr. Ackroyd admits that the announces position of smartphone tester is most unusual recruitment for the company but it has ultimate importance.

“Whoever is handed this new role will essentially be paid to test out the smartphones from the extreme nights out, hikes in the country, drops the bath, nothing is off limits,” Brandon Ackroyd says.

A smartphone tester will be provided with all the expanses needed to test the device: from night club fees to smartphones to be tested and a company smartphone to photo document the reviews of testing results. Smartphones to be tested will be given free of charge. Moreover the company does not mind whether it will be returned in a good condition or broken in pieces.

A successful candidate will have provide a full descriptive review of smartphone with photographs and all the details. The review should be published on the  blog. A smartphone taster is expected to test 6-10 smartphones per year. Working hours are flexible. The offered pro rata salary is £36,500 per annum. Applicants can work from anywhere in the UK.

In the application a candidate should describe his or her experience with smartphones. The more rich it will be the more chances one will have to grab this unique position from

Source: The Mirror