Viral coronavirus memes (humour therapy in self-isolation)

Today is just another day of home quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus. Fighting the new pandemic people all over the world are urged to stay home. Seems like what can be easier than that after a life spent in a hurry, crowded metro and public transport, doing office work? However, just in a few days at home many of us might have realized that it is not so much fun as it seemed before. Do not lose optimism. We’ve collected for you a series  of coronavirus memes which have gome viral on Twitter.

Sarcastic, intellectual and just funny sayings and pics.

Best anti-corona weapon – staying home

Coronavirus meme - stay home, do nothing
Source: jcbowman

New corona-based calculation

Coronavirus meme - new mathematics
Source: Jaxyn74551081


Shortage of masks could not pass unnoticed without creating a witty device just for the sake of fun.

Coronavirus meme - antivirus
Source: weekinnerd

Does anyone have a licensed CD with 2020?

Conoronavirus meme - uninstall 2020
Source: IWedFred

Remembering the roots of COVID-19

A joke with a tint of black humour.

Coronavirus meme - Wuhan
Source: CoronavirusMem4

Kids and parents

Conoronavirus meme - parents gonna find vaccine before scientist
Source: Rebecca__Loya

Trending in Europe

Could not miss the topic of toilet paper craze around the world.

Coronavirus meme - bad time for mummy
Source: spectralmonkey1

Wedding dress?!

Coronavirus meme - expensive dress
Source: GingrrSalt

BONUS shout-out for Europeans

Dear friends,
I do not understand why nobody is buying up soap! As if we’ve been told to wipe up our arse more often instead of washing hands. (TikTok, @denchik77rus_)


Do you recognize yourself or your friends and neigbours in these images and sayings? What is your favourite meme? Let’s share coronvirus memes in comments and stay close to each other digitally by entertaining and supporting each other at the time of social distancing.