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Scientist reveals a secret formula to experience maximum taste of ice-cream

Ice-cream is a popular dessert especially when summer heat becomes merciless. But do we eat it right? Do we feel all the tints of its flavour? Do we take time to enjoy its taste to the fullest? Here is a scientific formula which helps to get the best out of ice-cream in sense of its taste and flavour:

(i@-14°C + ½S + UDS + 12s) x 2 = MF*

*MF – Maximum Flavour

Keep patient we will explain every variable of this equation.

The research was initiated by Oppo Brothers, a low-calorie ice-cream brand, and conducted by sensory scientist Dr Sarah Kemp. She has found out that to maximize the flavour of ice-cream a person has to follow seven simple steps.

So how to eat ice-cream according to science?

Step 1: i@-14°C

Perfect temperature of ice-cream should be -14°С. So when you take it out of the freezer, keep it for 15 minutes in room temperature (20-22°С) to reach the perfect temperature. The ice-cream will reach a soft condition and molecules of aroma will be released. Thus, you will enjoy not only the taste but also the smell. Feeling aroma will prepare your taste receptors to feel the flavour more acutely.

Step 2: ½S

To taste the ice-cream scoop out a half teaspoon of the dessert.

Step 3: UDS

Put the teaspoon with the ice-cream upside down into our mouth. Ice-cream should be the first thing to touch your tongue taste buds.

Place sppon with ice-cream upside down in your mouth

Step 4.

Roll the ice-cream in your mouth concentrating on its taste and creamy texture.

Step 5.

Breathe in through your mouth so the air flow will spread the flavour to all your receptors.

Step 6: 12s

Do not hurry to swallow. Enjoy the taste of the ice-cream in your mouth for 12 seconds. This will make you to experience the maximum flavour.

Step 7: x 2

Repeat all the previous steps once again. Second round will establish the full ice-cream taste profile and sensation.

“Flavour is extremely important and getting the most out of every mouthful should be your number one priority, especially when it comes to ice cream.” ~ Dr. Sarah Kemp ~

The scientist points out that due to the fast pace of our life very often we deprive ourselves from enjoying the maximum taste of food. She adds that every meal and every food needs its own approach in order to get the maximum of its taste and flavour.