Australia-based sculptor builds a giant laughing bird during the lockdown

How is your lockdown going on? Are you spending it at home or stuck in a different city or country?

An Australia-based sculptor, Farvardin Daliri, has used the lockdown in a very productive way. He has constructed a 750-kilogram laughing bird. The idea behind the giant kookaburra was simple. The artist just wanted to bring a ray of happiness to his neighbours and the town of Brisbane where he was stuck during the hard times of COVID-19 pandemic.

Daliri started contruction of the giant sculpture before Christmas. Sudden pandemic gave him time to complete the work. Now the 750-kilogram sculpture of the laughing kookaburra will travel to the Cultural Festival in Townsville, home town of the artist.

The sculpture reaches four-and-half metres height. It’s eight-and-half metres in length and two-and-half metres width. The skeleton of the sculpture is made of round bars. Feathers of the bird are made of natural bamboo skins. It was then treated and painted to give the bird a more real appearance.

A motor inside the beak of the bird makes it close and open. At the same time the sculpture utters a luaghing sound.

“I constructed it on the trailer so it’s all one piece with a platform around it so people can have their photo taken with it.” – Dr. Daliri said.

Farvardin Daliri was born in Iran, studied the art of sculpture in India and then moved to Australia. For the last 25 years he has been organizing the annual Townsvillle Cultural Festival. The festival targets to unite different cultures in various forms of art.