10 impressive one-line stories which say everything

These one-line stories are able to tell you everything in just a few words. This is called the word power. Right words in a right order can create a strong impression and convey the deep message and even say much more than just the written words. They create vivid pictures in our imagination and require no more words. These stories are same as written, but they will be different for each of us. The impact each story makes on every reader depends on individual life experience and richness of the inner world.

One-line stories: all in a few words
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One-line stories that go deep to heart
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One-line stories: all in a few words
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One-line story about love betrayal
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One-line horror story
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One-line story of a wedding day
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One-line stories about life
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One-line story about bravery
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One-line story about thoughtless decisions
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One-line story about one sided love
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