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Russian 8-Class Student Designs a Flying Car of the Future

Russian 8-Class Student Designs a Flying Car of the Future
Source: rusila

An 8-class student from Russia has designed a flying car of the future. The young inventor, Artyom Vasinyuk, called his innovative transport means “Avtolyot”. By now it exists just as a project and has not been built yet. The flying car model was printed on 3D-printer and presented at  the conference dedicated to the influence of IT on education.

The unique car can both, run on the ground and fly in the air. Its forms are laconic and streamlined. Though experts point out on the form similarity with British hoverbike, “Avtolyot” is a different kind of flying cars. It does not resemble any flying transport of the future from sci-fi films. The construction of the invention does not include any moving in and out parts. The flying car consists of two wheels and a driver’s cab that is located between the two wheels. The wheel parts are significantly larger than the driver’s cab.

In the driver’s cab there are two seats: a driver seat and behind it – a passenger seat. The flying car takes off vertically. Thus, it does not require a takeoff runway. The innovative transport will be able to pick up speed up to 160 kmph, and fly up to 200 metres above the ground. The weight of the future flying car will be about 500 kg.

The young inventor had to avoid using electric motor as its power would not be enough to lift the flying car in the air. According to the project, the transport of the future will work on diesel (gas) oil. The school student has designed the flying car under the guidance of his teacher. Now the talented teen will cooperate with the Moscow Aeronautic Institute to build his  invention of the future.

Artyom Vasinyuk is sure that his flying car will be useful for various transport and emergency services, as well as for traffic police.