Inspirational: Indian armless man becomes a cricket star

An Indian man who lost his both arms in childhood has become a local cricket star in the Indian state of Kashmir. Denying his physical disability, the 26-year old para-crickiter has fought for his dreams and proved that there is nothing impossible.

Amir Hussain Lone from the Kashmir region is the captian of the local cricket para-team. He launches the ball with his toes and holds the bat between his shoulder and neck. The young man has developed this unique technique of playing cricket on his own.

At the age of eight Lone lost both of his arms in an accident in his father’s sawmill which by the cruel irony of fate produced cricket bats. The boy spent in hospital 3 long years. His family had to sell everything including the sawmill in order to collect money to be able to pay the bills for treatment and rehabilitation of their son. The boy’s father Mr. Bashir remembers:

I had my own sawmill and we used to manufacture our own cricket bats. But after the accident, I had to sell everything. People used talk bad about my son. They used to say I was wasting both my money and time on him, that he was of no use. But he is so dear to me like a part of my body. As a father why do I need wealth when my son is not well?

In three years of medical treatment and rehabilitation, Lone had to learn to live without arms. He had to do simple every day activities using just his legs, feet and toes. Now the young man experiences no problem in dressing up, combing hair and even writing without anyone’s help. Being armless the boy was able to finish school. Though he admits that he did not want to go to the local school after the accident, his grandma insisted on Lone’s returning to school. Unfotunately, the young man could not go to study further in the college as local authorities did not allow him inside.

When the boy started to feel more confidence being armless, he decided to learn to play cricket. The passion for the game was so great in the young man that no limitation could have stopped him in attaining his dreams. For two long years Lone learned to play the sport.

Batting was not a difficult task. But bowling without arms was a miracle and I somehow managed to do it. ‘When I tried to play cricket for the first time after the accident, people used to make fun of me. Now they are very supportive.

Today Amir Hussain Lone is the captain of the national Jammu and Kashmir para-cricket team. He continues practising to improve his playing skills and technique. Lone says that he wants to attain the level of his most favourite cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar.

I am a supporter of Sachin Tendulkar. He is my inspiration and I want to play like him. My dream is to play for the national team.

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This is the story of pain, suffering, determination, dedication and belief in oneself. It proves that a person who feels the love and support of his closest family members becomes stronger and does everything it takes to overcome the difficulties and face any challenge fearlessly. As the result, the person achieves his dreams, makes everyone and himself happy and inspires others not to give up.

Photos: dailymail