Russian Curd Croquettes – ‘Syrniki’ (photo recipe)

Curd croquettes, or syrniki (Russian ‘сырники’), is a traditional meal which is very tasty. It can be served for breakfast and dinner, or you can even make a dessert of it just by accompanying it with jam or fresh berries and fruit. This recipe describes how to make traditional Russian curd croquettes. The meal is rich in calcium that strengthens our bones. Depends on your taste you can make it more or less sweet.

Curd Croquette Ingredients

  • curd – 0.5 kg;
  • egg – 1 piece;
  • semolina (सूजी) – 1.5 table spoons;
  • vanillin – 0.5 g;
  • sugar – 2-2.5 table spoons;
  • flour – 0.5-1 glass;
  • oil, butter, or ghee to fry.

Serve with: sour cream, jam, honey, condensed milk, fresh berries, fruit etc.

Preparation of Curd Croquettes

Step 1. Mix

1. Mix all the ingredients: curd, semolina (सूजी), egg, vanilla and sugar.

Step 2. Shape

  • Put a pan on medium gas. Add some oil, butter, or ghee.
  • Prepare a plate with flour.
  • While the pan is getting heated up, take a little amount of the curd mix – approximately 3/4 table spoon.
  • Dredge the curd mix in flour. Make it round.

Step 3. Fry

Fry curd croquettes till golden brown on each side on medium. Use oil, butter or ghee.

Step 4. Serve

Russian Curd Croquettes - 'Syrniki' (photo recipe)
Serve croquettes warm with sour cream and strawberry jam or fresh berries

Serve with sour cream and/or jam, condensed milk, or honey. Decorate with fruit or fresh berries. Enjoy your meal! 🙂