10 useful habits which can save you from coronavirus

The current outbreak of coronavirus demands each of us to be more responsible for ourselves as well as for others. That is why staying home is so important. This measure saves you from catching the infection from outside and prevents you from spreading the virus to other people during its incubation period (when the symptoms are still mild or absent at all). Here is a list of essentially useful habits which can keep you safe from catching coronavirus.

1. Drink hot drinks regularly

There are evidences that the lifespan of coronavirus (COVID-19) depends on the surrounding atmosphere temperature. The higher the temperature the shorter the life of the novel virus. In addition, it has been found out that before entering the body, coronavirus stays in throat for four days. Thus, developing a habit of drinking hot drinks regularly minimizes the risk of being infected.

2. Gargle

It is impossible to stay home all the time during the pandemic. We all need to eat. So eventually we visit the nearby store and shops to buy food. Though coronavirus is transmitted only via droplets, the infected person sneezes and coughs and the released droplets may remain in the air for 3 hours. Outside we may inhale the infected air. That is how the virus comes to our throat. So after coming home from outside prepare and use a gargling mixure: 100ml water + 3 drops of 70% vinegar.

3. Chew ginger

Chew ginger before going out
Source: organifishop

Ginger is known around the world as a very beneficial root. In ayurvedic medicine it is considered as a universal remedy from various disease. Ginger contains useful nutrients, minerals and vitamins which help our organism to activate the mechanism fighting against harmful bacteria, microbs and inflammations. Ginger is also famous for its antiseptic and arteriosclerotic effect. Overall, it is a natural immune booster. Therefore, chewing ginger before going outside will keep your mouth protected from the virus.

4. Take a hot drink before bed

Take a hot drink before bed
Source: prima

Add the following drink into your daily diet and take every night before going to bed. It is another immune boosting recipe but in the current situation nothing is extra. In a glass of water add a teaspoon of grated ginger, a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey.

5. Everything brought from outside leave by the entrance door

Whatever you bring from outside (shopping bags, mobile, jewellery, wallet) leave near the door. Do not take more inside your home unless all the items are well-sanitized with ethyl acohol-based disenfectants.

6. Wash clothes with warm (60°C) water

Wash clothes with warm (60°C) water
Source: healthline

Use warm water of at least 60°C to wash all the clothes and other washable things. Separate colour clothes from white ones to avoid unwanted coloring.

7. Use own towels

In families every member should have a personal towel in order to prevent possible spread of virus to others.

8. Sleep in different rooms if possible

Unfotunately, the noval virus has a very high spreading speed and rater a long incubation period during which it harms our body but we may not notice it. And this is the most dangerous time when we can transmit it to our nearest and dearest ones. Therefore, to protect your loved ones, self-isolate yourself from each other at least at night.

9. Change bedsheets more often

This time we are fighting with a previously unknown virus and maintaining personal hiegene is one of a few habits that can keep us away from it.

10. Wash hands for at least 30 sec

Wash hands and cut nails
Source: goodhousekeeping

You must have already heard this phrase for at least hundred times during the current pandemic and seen various videos by dancing doctors and police teaching how to wash your hands properly. Well, I can only add to this that girls should probably temporarily forget about long nail manicure and keep their nails short. This is to minimize the surface which is a potential harbore for bacteria and microbes.