Coronavirus quarantine pastime is fun

Countries and cities are locked down, people are urged to live in self-isolation in order to surpress spreading of the human coronavirus. Some are working from home, others are trying to occupy themselves with all the possible activities. Let’s sneak peek how people around the world are spending their time on quarantine during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Couting holes in biscuits

Is that a challenge, guys?

Counting holes in TUC biscuit
Source: malang_baba1
Counting holes in Marie biscuit
Source: _serialchilller

Spending more time with pets

Lockdowns and quarantine has brought everyone home and reunited owners with their pets. However, not all pets may be happy of spending all day long with their “masters”. This turtoise seems to be prepared for racing. It reminded me of an animation movie “Turbo” about a speed-obsessed snail. Haven’t watched it yet? Go ahead, you have time)

While some pet owners try to improve their pets’ lives, others got a chance to observe what their pets are doing at home during the daytime when their “hoomans” are at work.

Remember that some attemps to entertain your pet can fail just like in the following video. Obviously this cat is neither a party lover nor an admirer of special effects.

This one is a quality time with your pet. Both are enjoying a delicious dinner together.


There are many movies about zombie apocalipsis. But during this quarantine some pets are witnessing “hooman” apocalipsis when their owners start moving strangely.

Staying home

A home on wheels is a real life savior for those who cannot put their lives on pause.

Quarantine places to visit

Probably these are the most crowded places nowadays.

Places to visit on quarantine
Source: Shah_Rizvi97

Playing new sports. – Is that a hairball?!

Staying fit is one of the most important things we should stick to during the coronavirus outbreak. Only strong body can fight the virus and win it. These girls are a great example how to turn ordinary sports into fun.

Food chain reaction

Many celebrities are posting videos of them cooking. This man went furthher by creating a food chain reaction. Why so much efforts? It’s quarantine time! Have fun and do things just for enjoyment without any serious reason behind it.

Interact with TV

Lonely people in self-isolation start find ways to socialize at least with TV, and TV has its own rections))

Socializing with TV in self-isolation
Source: TheGMcConnachie