Mesmerizing Dance in Vertical Wind Tunnel by Russian Champion – Leo Volkov

Russian athlet Leonid Volkov has become the World’s champion in freestyle dance in a vertical wind tunnel. The championship was held within the Wind Games 2016 which were held in Spain. The participants from 18 contries demostrated their ability and talent to dance in the air. However, all of them were left behind by talented Russian athlet.

Leonid (Leo) Volkov participated in freestyle dance in the vertical wind tunnel. He received 486.6 points from the jusry for his performance which could not leave anyone indifferent. The strict jury marked out the original choreography of the Russian participants. The audience literally glued their eyes to the wind tunnel during the performance of Leonid Volkov.

Jury memebers said that Leonid’s choreography was a unique combination of the famous Russian ballet and modern dance styles. The performance was filled with the deep idea, every movement completely represented the mood of the music.

The most difficult is to imitate movements, which you ususally do on the ground, in the air in the wind tunnel, says Leonid Volkov, Wind Games champion.

The dance of the Russian participant proves that he has mastered his body and the strong wind streams coming up in the wind tunnel. He has truely mastered the gravity having turned it into a beautiful power which helps to create something fascinating and unforgettable.

Watch the mesmerising dance in vertical tunnel by Leonid Volkov, Wind Games champion

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