Scientist shoots himself to prove Newton’s law of motion

Norwegian scientist Andreas Wahl shoots himself from a rifle under the water to prove the second Newton’s law applying to the circular motion. The deadly dangerous experiment took place in a swimming pool. The rifle SIG SG 550 was loaded with 5.56 guage bullets and set under water on a special tripod. The rifle barrel was aimed at the stomach of the scietist standing in the water in front of the gun just a few meters away. The whole deadly stunt, including the moment of thw gun shot and the result, was video recorded.

Andreas Wahl has become popular for his bizzare and deadly stunt for the sake of science. In order to check or prove different physical laws he often puts himself in deadly danger. However, the science has not let him down any time yet and he has always come unscathed out of the battle.  What was the outcome of the gun shot experiment? Just watch the video and you will certainly get the answer.

Watch the scientist shoot himself under water to prove Newton’s second law