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Google launches an app for social distancing

Although our government is slowly relaxing the lockdown restrictions, COVID-19 is not going to give up so easily. Cases are still increasing and it is in our best interest to continue following social distancing.

Recently Google has launched an app called Sodar which will help us to observe 2-metre distance from the people around us. The technology is based on augmented reality. The app enables a user to draw a 2-metre-radius circle around him/her and keep an eye on breaking its borders. If anyone comes inside the drawn circle the app informs the user about it.

Sodar helps to keep apart from other people visually whoch is very comfortable.

“Sodar uses WebXR to help visual social distancing guidelines in your environment,” Google explained.

Sodar for social distancing by Google

The social distancing app is available only for Android devices through Google Chrome. You can access the app from its official website here.

Sodar is developed within the project called Experiments With Google. The project includes different apps, fun ideas and small “life hacks” developed with the use of Google tech.

Launched in 2009, the project now  counts thousand of creative and amazing experiments developed with Chrome, Android, AI, Web VR, AR and other technologies.

Social distancing is one of the most important measures required to slow down the spread of the noval coronavirus. So let’s observe it to save our health and the health of our neighbours. We can do it! Even animals have started adoptnig social distancing from humans.


Title image: freepik