10 Things We Should Keep Secret

One Russian poet (Yury Kalugin) wrote: “Happiness loves silence”.  And silence brings peace in our lives and minds. Sages also remind us that to keep the world balanced there are things which we should not discuss publicly, things which we should better keep unsaid. Here is a list of 10 things we better keep secret.

#1. Recipes of strong effective medicines

You might be surprised and think that it is wrong. But do not jump to compclusions too soon. Let us explain. We should keep secret the recipes of strong effective medicines which we can make as such recipes can be misused or used wrongly. And this can bring unpleasant or event disasterious consequences. These recipes also may come into hands of ill-minded people or just those who do not possess enough knowledge.

One thing is to know how to make a mdecine, but you should also know how to apply, what conditions are required so the effect will be positive.

#2. Charity activity

Do not boast with your charity

Though charity is virtuous and very rare in today’s world, it is still not the thing to be boasted with. It should be valued as a fragile treasure. And the treasure should be kept secret then only it can be safe. Sages say that any good deed should be completed with a positive feeling. However if we boast with something, we show our pride and our superiority to others. And these feelings are bad. That is why we should not publicly discuss or boast with our good deeds.

We need to learn how to feel satisfaction just from doing good, not from telling the whole world about it. This self-training required time, will and emotion control. But at the end it vrings peace to your soul and mind.

#3. Self-limitations

If you put some self-limitations on yourself like dieting or being vegetarian or some other types of limitations, keep it unsaid. Physical self-limitation requires emotional limitation to keep our bosy and mind in balance. Real self-limitation envoles both, our inner and outer worlds.

Austerity may not necessarily brings good at the end. It does not always works as means of personality growth. The result will be visible in future. Moreover, even there are people who are growing spiritually without self-limitations. And there people who are degradating spiritually and morally by fanatically following austerity.

Another point is that your type of self-limitation may not bring any good to another person.

#4. Courage, heroism and other virtues

Unless you are giving an interview to get a job of your dream, keep your achievements and sucess with yourself. Always remember how complicated our world is. When some people need to demonstre their courage and heroism to overcome some situations, at the same time other people may go through their inner battles and wars. And they also deserve respect.

When you do something good or overcome your bad habits and personality traits, the best award you can give to yourself is self-satisfaction and peace in mind. This award should not require public appraisal to make you feel good. Otherwise, our aspiration for personal and spiritual growth just for the sake of publicity is nothing more than self-exaltation.

#5. Spiritual knowledge

Do not pour all spiritual knowledge on unprepared people

It may be surprising as we all know that attaining spiritual knowledge is the main aim of our soul. However, if wepour down the spiritual knowledge on an unprepared person, it may frighten him or complicate his understanding even more. Thus, the spiritual knowledge should be offered gradually like civil education depending on the level of person’s purity to accept this knowledge.

At school we start to learn reading from the alphabet. Same case is with the spiritual knowledge.

#6. Good morals

Even if someone is running a global campaign for saving nature or defending rigts of minorities, he or she cannot follow absolutely good morality. Our daily life inevitably pushes us on the way of violence against living beings. Of course, everyone can avoid committing main forms of sins like killing, stealing etc. But there are also unseen types of sins. For instance, sages say about five grave sins of a householder:

  1. killing living creatures while mealing and grinding spices and grains;
  2. killing living creatures while walking (stepping on them);
  3. killing living creature while cleaning;
  4. killing living creature while burning fire;
  5. killing living creature while boiling and drinking water.

Now, you can understand that we can not be truely proud of our seemingly sinless life.

#7. Home conflicts and family life

Do not discuss your home conflicts
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Shutting doors and drawing the curtains is not enough to keep your home and family life private. It is also important not to discuss it in public. Although conflicts and arguments happen, most of the times they vring a positive change. During arguements and conflicts we get rid of  negative energy. But it does not mean that we should put this negative energy on others by discussing what happens at our home in public.

Sages say that when we discuss home conflicts with others, this negative energy is not being disposed but returns back to our home. It is as if you went to dispose garbage in the dustbin but you returned back with the same garbage.

#8. Price of ingredients used to make a tasty treat for someone

The price of ingredients does not matter. What really matters is the taste. You can use cheap simple ingredients to prepare a delicious meal whereas another person will you extremely expensive ingredients and will be not able to make anyting delicious. Therefore, sages advice not to discuss the price of ingredients. Let your guests or anyone whom you serve the food to, enjoy its taste without thinking of its price.

#9. Slang and unseemingly language you’ve heard from anyone

Like you can accidentally make your shoes dirty while working outside, same way you can litter your mind. A person who comes home and starts telling everyone all the silly and unpleasant things he or she heard outside can be compared with the one who comes home and does not take the dirty shoes off, but keeps spreading dirt from outside around their home.

#10. Your future plans

Do not disclose your plans

Sages advice to keep your plans secret until they are accomplished successfully. In this world any accomplishment of a plan can be considered as a miracle as it is not in our power to foresee all the upcoming circamstances and events. Therefore, every plan is not ideal and has a bunch of weak points. These weak points can be used against us by our enemies or just envious people. So why to give another chance for our plans to be failed?


To conclude all the above said, just remember that our life requires balance. Whataver challenges you are going through, always keep your mind in peace. Being modest and humble inside does not mean that you should give up fighting against injustice.


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