Girl uses a “genius” trick to watch Netflix for free

During the lockdown streaming media platforms have gained a huge popularity among those who had to stay home as offices remained closed. Finally, people got time to enjoy their favourite movies and TV shows.

Most of us would have a sharing Netflix account with the “head” person paying the monthly fee and all the rest paying their part to the “head”. However, recently one girl has used a “genius” trick to use her ex’s Netflix account for free. At te same time her ex-boyfriend had no idea that she was even opening his account.

The former girlfriend resorted to an unconventional imagination. She set an unusual username and profile photo for one of the users in the Netflix account. In fact, she disguised a normal user under the profile “Settings”. She used the same icon which denotes Netflix settings as a user photo, and “Settings” – as a username.

Like this the witty girl watched Netflix for free for a couple of months. And her former beloved always believed that “Settings” user was actually the Netflix setting section.

Girl uses her ex's Netflix account for free and ру doesn't know

The story was revealed on Twitter by the boy’s brother and even noticed by the official Netflix page with the comment “Respect”.


Title photo: freepik