The X-Files 2016 (10th season): unveiling off-scene secrets

The legendary TV series The X-Files tonight,  January 24, 2016, on blue screens worldwide. The new 10th season of The X-Files is announced as a 6-episode episode event miniseries. That means we are again going to hear the familiar music theme from The X-Files that will fill our existance with warm memories and expectations of something mysterious, unknown and secret.

Another pleasant news is the comeback of the FBI agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). Yes. They are again together investingating, searching, digging and doing all the possible they can, to at least come closer to the truth hidden in events and crimes that can be described as paranormal and often unexplainable by common folks.

The fist episodes of The X-Files were aired on TV in far 1993. The last season was broadcast in 2002. And now out of nowhere, after 15 years of dying hope to meet the favourite characters, the fans of The X-Files have been awarded a belated Christmas and New Year gift from the series creators. The new episodes of The X-Files 2016 were written and directed by the well-known main ideologist of the serial – Chris Carter.

On The X-Files characters

The die-hard fans of The X-Files, undoubtedly, no need to be reminded of their favourite characters. But the fisrt viewers should get acquaited to the duo of FBI agents little bit closer. And this section of the article will be for you, the audience that have not watched The X-Files series before.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in The X-Files 2016

To begin with it is worth to metion that The X-Files is a sci-fi detective not deprived from action, thriller and horror elements. Two FBI agents – Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) are put together to investigate mysterious crimes, phenomenon and events. They become an integral part of the X-Files department. EAch and every case they have to investigate gets the status of top secret.

Fox Mulder

Fox Mulder is perceived by his FBI colleagues as a freak running after invisible non-existent ghosts, spirits, monsters, and aliens. He is used to such an attitude and does not talk much to others about his deeper secrets, worries, beliefs and life orientations. He is concentrated on what he does. And his work for him is something more than just a job which he has to do daily.

Mulder strongly believes in extraterrestrial life as well as he is sure that the US goverment is also aware of the so-called other planets civilizations but does everything to keep this information secret. Many a time he happens to catch the end of the mysterious tangle thread but each time someone who wants to stay anonymous forcely prevents him to grab the truth.

Dana Scully

Dana Scully is a forensic surgeon. She is sceptical, accepts and always tries to find scientific explanation for everything. Becoming agent Mulder’s partner she balances his impulsive ideas about the supernatural nature of crimes and events they are to investigate together.

Eventually both become close friends. Even introverted Mulders starts to trust Dana Scully. He sees in her the only person who will help him in any situaltion and despite all her scientific oriented mind, she accepts everthing he says. As the story progresses, Dana Scully gets the evidences that extraterrestrial life is not a vivid imaination of freaks fond of mysteries. She understands how true has Fox Mulder been and how close to truth they were so many times.

The X-Files 2016 expectations

In these 6 miniseries of the 10th season of The X-Files the viewers will be involved again into tangled investigations of the famous FBI angents. The characters have become older, the outlook has changed. But the fate again sets them together. How will they meet each other after a while break? How will they face the obstacles on the way of seaching for the truth? What they will do with the pending past problems? How will their personal relations develop? All these we will get to know on January 24, 2016 when the new 10th season (2016) of The X-Files is aired on our blue screens.

For now, we can say that the actors managed wear their characters with great enthusiasm and ease. With the warm memories of The X-Filess first episodes they unveil some secrets that have remained off-screen and talk about the new season susprises awaited the viewers. Watch the following dosumentary on making The X-Files 2016 to find out the truth.

Making of The X-Files 2016:
Behind-the-scene secrets