Delicious cinnamon apple pie “Sharlotka” (Russian style recipe)

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Apple pie ingredients

  • sugar – 1 glass;
  • eggs – 4 pieces;
  • wheat flour – 1 glass;
  • salt – according to taste
  • apples – 3 pieces;
  • baking powder – 2 tea spoons;
  • cinnamon powder – 2 table spoons.

Turn on the oven in advance. We should heat it up to 200 degree C before baking.

cinnamon apple pie: step1Prepare the baking form
  • Cover the baking form with biscuit crumbles, add olive oil and grease form’s sides with butter or olive oil as well.
  • Spread cinnamon evenly.

cinnamon apple pie: step2Cut apples as you like. For more soft and delicate taste we recommend to cut it in small pieces.
cinnamon apple pie: step3Spread the cut apples evenly in the baking form.
cinnamon apple pie: step4Making batter
  • Whip up eggs using mixer or blender.
  • Gradually add sugar and flour.
cinnamon apple pie: step5Pour the batter evenly in the baking form so the batter covers apples.
cinnamon apple pie: step6When the oven is heat up to 200 degree, put your future apple pie inside and bake for 25-30 minutes (depending on your oven).
cinnamon apple pie: step7Take out the apple pie and check whether it is well baked. For that take a toothpick and pierce in the middle. If it is still liquid or not well-baked, put the apple pie back to the oven and bake more for 10 min or until it is ready.
cinnamon apple pie: step8For decoration you may sprinkle sugar powder on your delicious cinnamon apple pie.