I want to live in a different world

Recently I’ve caught myself on the idea that I want to live in a different world. The world without money, greed and envy. Look what we, the people, have become… We are turned into earning machines. Eight hours a day, five or six days a week we spend away from our dear family and friends. For what? Just to provide their and our living.

Why can’t we live in a different world? In the world where we can spend most of the time with our beloved ones, families, children and friends. In fact they are our air, the living power, the source of inspiration.

But what is the modern world like? It’s a neverending race for money. Education – to get better job with higher salary. Creativity – to attract more people to get more profit by selling it to them. Why should the aim of any enterprise (business) is money? Why not to do what you want from your heart?

It seems that modern people like what they do only because they can get good money for it.

Today money has become so important that we’re ready to exchange our valuable time with family, children and friends for extra hour to get an overtime bonus. I understand that all the money is finally spent for our nearest and dearest. But why we feel happy from material things, for things we get or someone get to us for money? Why can’t we just feel happy because of being with your beloved people and friends.

Look at kids. They don’t know about money and its value. They feel happy from little simple things which are actually BIG things. But we, the adults, have forgotten how to be happy without money. So maybe we just need to learn such important things from our kids, to learn how to love life on a free basis.