7 reasons to visit Moscow Oceanarium at VDNkh

If you love to discover everything new and unknown, the new Moscow oceanarium “Moskvarium” is just the place to visit. The place has become home to sea and ocean fish and creatures we would never could see in real life.

The Moscow oceanarium is located away from the busy city centre, at the end of VDNKh alley. It has shortly become a favourite place for family leisure. With great interest kids and adults examine each and every aquarium with amazing sea fish and creatures.

If you are still in doubt whether it is worth to spend time and go to the Moscow oceanarium, here are seven reasons why this place cannot be dismissed if you are in Moscow.

Reason #1. Giant Octopus

Have you ever done diving? No? Oh, you did!? We bet, you did not plunge as deep as 300 metres. However, in this depth there is still life in the ocean. And one of the most mysterious and scary creatures inhabiting the ocean depth is North Pacific Giant Octopus. The creature sleeps in day time and is awake during night. It can be aggressive if any fish or creature “steps” on its territory.

Reason #2. Funny fish will raise your mood

Some fish behaviour may seem very amusing. People can’t but stop and observe the little striped orange fish occupied in an unusual sea plant. We do not know whether it is eating, itching or tickling itself with these plant’s sprays. However, the whole situation is captivating and makes us keep guessing.

Reason #3. Glass Catfish

Moscow ocenarium is a unique place which allows one to literally look through fish. In oceanarium’s collection there is an aquarium with transparent fish called glass catfish. The flash of glass catfish is not visible, only tiny bones can be observed.

Reason #4. White whale

In the new Moscow oceanarium, we even can meet a huge white whale, or beluga whale. Despite its enormous size, its eyes and face seem very friendly and kind. The creature also takes part in a show that is also regularly held in Moscow oceanarium.

Reason #5. Orca, or killer whale

A huge orca lives in Moscow oceanarium, too. It swims in a giant aquarium and only sometimes appears before the visitors proudly making its way in the water.

Reason #6. Swellshark

Just pay attention to the length of its tail!

Reason #7. Shark above your head

The Moscow oceanarium has aquarium archways.It’s the only place where visitors can safely walk while sharks accompanying by other smaller fish are swimming above guests’ heads.