TOP10 Best creative ideas for selfie

Here we have selected TOP10 most creative ideas for selfie. You don’t need to be an astronaut, go to the open space, or to wear SCAPE (self-contained atmospheric protection equipment) to impress your friends and followers on social websites with your new selfie. Duck lips selfies do not interest anyone any more unless you are a super popular celebrity.

Look at these photos and generate your own creative ideas for selfie that no one has ever done before you. However, keep in mind that it should be taken in a safe place. Let’s start our selfie promenade.

1. Portrait in the Forest

Selfie by Jonathan Eger

If you lok around, you will see there are all kinds of our reflection. Some take interesting unusual forms. Why not to experiment and take a self-reflection portrait?

Ideas for selfie: self-reflection
Source: 500px ISO