Chinese man carries 40 kg stone on head to lose weight

A Chinese man walks with a 40 kg stone on his head to lose weght. The 54-year-old resident of Jilin, Cong Yan, asserts that the exercise has helped him to lose 30 kg of weight within a year.

The man started to practice an unusual exercise a few years ago when his weigiht exceeded 115 kg while his height was 163 cm. That time Cong Yan had to make a choice: either taking slimming pills or going in for sports. The man made decision in favour of the latter.

“First, I wanted to try myself in sports as I was sure that it is healthier than simply taking slimming pills,” the man said.

Cong Yan daily walks about three kilometres with 40 kg burdern on his head. However, in the beginning he could carry only 15 kg and walk only 1.5 kilometres a day. Gradually he increased the weight of the bould up to 40 kg. The man says that the unusual exercise has been helping him not to gain weight again since four years.

Due to the years of daily practice, Cong Yan can now not only walk with a heavy load on his head but even to box and run lap. Notably, the man does not choose an easy route for his walks with a 40kg stone on his head. He intentionally walks up and down the stairs and overcomes other obstacles on his way.

Today the inventive man is considering to apply to the Guinness World Records as a developer ot the most unusual way to lose weight.