Indian enters Guinness Book for most hugs in a minute

A resident of Adhra Pradesh, India, has entered the Guinness Book for the most hugs. Krishna Kumar managed to hug 79 people just in 60 seconds. The record was registered by the Guiness Book representatives.

The event took place in one of the local schools. As many as 88 students of the school were gethered in a line. Every student had to run up to receive a hug from the to-be world champion. In a minute the man hugged 83 boys. However, the Guinness Book represntatives counted only 79. As for the uncounted hugs, the  specialists said that they seemed more like a submission hold than a hug. According to the rules, a hug intends a close distance and a complete embracement of a person.

The new champion admitted that he considers entering the Guinness Book the highest life achievement for any person.

The previous most-hug-in-a-minute record was set in Australia in 2014. It belongs to TV presenter Carrie Bickmore. Her record was registered in a local  choldren’s hospital. She hugged 77 people in 60 seconds.