10 World’s Bizarre Museums to visit

There are so many interesting places in the world. Museums can tell us a lot about our history, our ancestors, human culture, traditions and way of life. Nowadays the imagination of people has armed them with a new weapon to attract visitors from the globe. These places are world’s bizarre museums and they will probably evoke interest due to their uniqueness and unusual collections.

1. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets (New Delhi, India)

The richest collection of porcelain toilets is accommodated in Saulabh International Museum of Toilets in India’s capital of New Delhi. One of its key purposes is to promote hygiene and healthy conditions in the country.

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2. Museum of Broken Relationships (Zagreb, Croatia)

The Museum of Broken Relationships is founded by two artists – Olinka Vistica and Drazen Grubusuc. The exhibition contains items that were left to any side of a couple before they had broken up. The museum eagerly accepts new items from broken-hearted contributors who want to share their pain with the world.

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3. Mini Bottle Gallery (Oslo, Norway)

An unusual hobby to collect small bottles has grown up and given birth to the unique Gallery of Mini Bottles. The items are displayed in sections according to their colour and theme. The collection accounts for nearly 53,000 exhibits housed in a 3-story building.

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4. Kunstkamera (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

The Kunstamera is the first Russian museum which was established by Peter the Great in 1727. It is best known for its Anthropological and Ethnographic collection which contains over 200,000 human fetuses with bizarre genetic mutations.

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5. Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

From frightening to beautiful. Museums may not be all about history embodied in archaeological items and lifeless still sculptures. The Butterfly Park in Kuala Lumpur  gives another kind f knowledge combined with admiration. The park has become home to over 5000 live butterflies. The territory of the park is beautifully landscaped and stretches for 80,000 sq. feet.

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