10 World’s Bizarre Museums to visit

6. Museum of Irons (Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia)

A unique museum of irons in Russia tells a story of the iron’s evolution. The collection contains over 200 items divided in groups according to the evolution stage of the iron:
1) ox-tongue iron;
2) an iron with a middle part of ox-tongue;
3) coal iron;
4) steam iron;
5) spirit iron;
6) gas iron, and
7) electric iron.

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7. International UFO Museum and Research Centre (Roswell, New Mexico)

Do you believe in extraterrestrial life? Do you think there are unknown, undiscovered worlds far in the space? If not, grab the opportunity to visit the International UFO  Museum in Roswell. It will probably seed a drop of doubt in you. Maybe you will change your mind and believe in the existence of aliens. Remember, the truth is over there.

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8. International Spy Museum (Washington, DC, USA)

Did you have a dream being a child to become a spy? Don’t upset if it has not come true. You still can get back to your childhood and play the spy game again. Just visit the world’s largest Spy Museum. Here you will learn about different spy devices and tricks used by real spies. Interactive exhibits will let you to experience the feeling of being a spy yourself.

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9. Garbage Museum (Stratford, CT, USA)

Here you will get an opportunity to see a unique Trash-o-saurus made of a huge amount of garbage that equals to the volume a person throws averagely in a year. The museum exhibition emphasizes the importance of recycling and harm made to the Nature by non-recyclable materials such as plastic bags, wrappers and cans.

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10. Cancun Underwater Museum (Cancun, Mexico)

This bizarre museum exhibits life-sized sculptures of people made of pH-neutral clay that is an ecologically friendly material. Those who want to visit and see the underwater world inhabited with full height statues have to know swimming and diving with special equipment (scuba gear).

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