Oriental wisdom: do whatever you should and let it be

Oriental wisdom about a small bugToday I’ve heard a very interesting Oriental proverb, or parable. It is a short religious story with a deep meaning that teaches wisdom. Here is the tale:

Once an old sage and his disciple were walking along a narrow path. They were talking about life and all of a sudden the disciple saw a small bug at his feet. He took the bug and put it away to the other side of the path. The his master asked him, “What are you doing?” The disciple replied that being on the path the little bug could be stepped on by anyone so he had helped it and put it to a safer place. “What if it is the God who sent this small bug to be on this very path? Why are you interfering with the God’s Providence?” questioned the sage. The disciple, then took the small bug in his hand again and put it back on the same place from where he had taken it first time. “What are you doing?” the sage addressed to his disciple. What if it is God who put you here on this very path to take this very small bug to a safer place?”