In India elephant steals a lady bag from tourists’ car

Elephant steals a bag from the tourists' carIn Karnataka, India, an elephant stole a lady’s bag from a tourist’s car and devoured it. The incident happened in the scenic jungles of Bandipur National Park. The documentary shots of thief elephant were taken by wildlife photographer Austin Cherupuzha.

A couple was admiring the beauty of the Nature at India’s Bandipur National Park. When they saw an adult she-elephant walking on the road together with her calf, the tourists didn’t fear. Instead, they decided to take an “elphie” with the elephants at the background.

The flash made the adult elephant annoyed. She stuck its trunk into the car and grabbed the lady’s leather bag. Inside it there were fruit, documents, money, credit cards, and even golden jewellery. With all the stuff, the elephant put the bag in its mouth and tried to chew and devour it. Having understood that the thing was not enough tasty to be edible, the elephant spat it out on the ground.

The Conservator of Forests at Bandipur National Park, H.C. Kantharaj says that the employees of the park constantly warn tourists to avoid clicking photos of and with animals as they might feel disturbed and injure the curious people.

Travellers clicking pictures is turning out to be a big headache. While allowing people to pass through our gates, the guards repeatedly tell people not to stop midway to take photographs. In fact, we have put up boards all along, warning people to pay heed to our warnings.

Mr. Kantharaj says that after the incident with the elephant, the administration is going to put penalties on everyone breaking the rule which prohibits to stop in order to take photos of wild  animals.