Nepali teen kicks his head 134 times for Guinness World Records

Nepali teen kicks his head 134 times to enter Guiness World Records Book
Source: Guinness World Records

A Nepali teen kicked himself in the forehead with his feet for 134 times during a minute and got his name enlisted in the Guinness World Records. Puskar Nepal received the official title from the representatives of the Guinness World Records last week. The record itself  was set by the young man last December.

Puskar Nepal told media people that it took for him around nine months to get prepared for the record. He was training every day and that was quite a challenge. Now the young man has mastered the technique so well that he can kick himself in the forehead by his both feet alternatively.

I wanted to enter the record books. I learned some years back that there was a category for self kicking the forehead. I chose it and focused on getting my act together, Puskar said.

The teen admits that his family and friends worried a lot during his practice. They were afraid that Puskar could injure himself. During breaking the record the boy, however, didn’t get even a scratch on his face and head. It was a dream of the Nepali teen to get his name into the Guinness World Records and his dream has come true.

Now Puskar Nepal is dreaming of world’s fame and intends to help the poor living in the rural areas of his country.

The previous record-holder was the American Joel Leindecker. The man managed to kick himself in the head by his feet 124 times per minute.