Moyo the baby elephant: incredible story of rescue

Moyo the baby elephant
Image source: BBC

Meet Moyo the baby elephant. He now lives a happy life in Wild is Life sanctuary and is very attached to the owner of the sactuary Roxy Danckwerts. The woman has become just like a mom to Moyo. Now the little hobo thing is 14 months old but in his childhood being just a few days old he faced all the hardships of wild life.

Rangers found the abandoned baby elephant in the Musango area in Zimbabwe (Africa). He was probably left by his natal herb when he was struggling the fast water flow crossing the river. The elephant calf was on the verge of death as the flow are too strong and he was already a target for a pack of hyenas who noticed the lonely helpless baby elephant.

After the rescue, Moyo the baby elephant was taken to Wild is Life sanctuary. There he was given a proper care, attention, accomodaion and nutrition. The founder of the sactuary Roxy Danckwerts became emotionally attached and sincerely fallen in love with a cute elephant calf. Moyo also loved his new human mom and followed her everywhere. Moyo was not limited in his movements. He was allowed to walk everywhere even though evry time his strolls caused a big mess in the house.

When he first came he was very weak. We give him carefully balanced formula milk with added protein and porridge developed for malnourished children. She is one of those animals with whom I have formed an extraordinary bond of friendship, trust and love, Roxy Danckwerts shared with the BBC.

Being unconscious of his size and weight Moyo liked to sit on the sofa with Roxy. He wanted to help in the kitchen and was just curious touching different things unfamiliar to him lying in the house here and there. However, Roxy says that for baby elephants it is ultimately important to create an atmosphere of freedom when they can larn to make choices and feel free to do what they want. When Moyo becomes mature, he will be returned to wild life. The sanctuary founder understands that it will probably be not possible to find the elephant’s natal family. Eventually, Moyo will be able to assimilate to another elephant herd.

BBC documentary about Moyo the baby elephant