Motivational quotes: Never give up

Never give up whatever it takes you to stand up after a hard failure or a tricky reverse of a fortune. Remember you are the architect of your life, your success. You are the creator of your good mood and you are the distractor of it. Your strong belief in yourself, in your talent, your ideas and wishes is fundamental. It is the base of your way to success. The stronger the base is, the more successful you will be, the more you will achieve.

Never give up. Try harder or just approach the situation from a dfferent side. There is always room to accept if you cannot find another way to come out from a difficult situation. Be strong and face all happenings with readiness. Being strong does not mean not to be sensible or emotional. Strong people do not have stone heart as it is thought by others. No. But they are strong with their strive to achieve their dreams, to become happy and to spread the happiness all around them.

Therefore, never give up, be happy and spread this wonderful state of mind worldwidely.

Never give up quote
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The more things you do, the more you can do
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