It’s time to complete 5 important things before New Year

On this New Year 2016 Eve there is still enough time to complete and summerize all the intiations and ventures, goals. But before making new plans remember to do these FIVE important things before the New Year 2016.

1. Forgive

Forgive yourself, your enemies, friends and other people. Leave your past. Retaining insults and offences in your mind and heart is the poison your are sipping in hope to poison others. To forgive does not mean to forget. To for give is to remember without offence and anger. Forgive and you’ll feel light as if your wings become open and you are able to fly any reach height.

2. Apologize

Sometimes we do not notice in a gust of emotioins how hurtful for others can be our words and actions. We realize it in a while. The burden of guilt is as heavy as the burden of offence. Why to drag this bulky freight? Enter the New Year 2016 with a free heart and soul. Drop this frieght from your shoulders. The ability to forgive is the sign of wisdom, and the ability to apologize is the sign of strength. Be strong!

3. Give thanks

Give thanks not only for good deeds. Thankfulness is the source of positive energy. Learn to thank Life and God for everything you have and for everything you get, and, in return, you will be sent what you need!

4. Remember achievements!

The Past is the foundation of the Future. Analize what goals you have achieved in the passing year, what hardships and obstacles you have faced this year and what you have learnt. When you complete this step proceed to the next.

5. Set goals

The worst mistakes in a life are to do something without a goal and to have a goal without doing anything. Start with a list, outline approximate deadlines for your new goals. Vizualize your wishes. Make a map in a form of a photo collage. Set it to the desktop of your laptop or computer, or other device. Inspire yourself!