Happy World Kiss Day: Kissing HD wallpaper collection

On July 6th whole world celebrates World Kiss Day (or International Kissing Day). It is one of the most unusual holidays ever imagined by people. Internationally the date was officially established by the United Nations in late 1990s. The origin of the holiday is The United Kingdom. It had been celebrated by the British people for 100 years before. This holiday should not be mixed up with Saint Valentine’s Day. International Kissing Day is not as much romantic as kisses can be given to family and friends, and even sent by air as flying kisses.

The world record for the longest kiss was set in Thailand on February 14, 2015. Its duration was 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds. A special competition was organized. Nine couples took part in it: from young people to pensioners. According to the rules, couples could not have a single moment break.

On September 15th, 2015 Alfred Wolfram settled the worlds record having kissed 8001 people within just 8 hours. In 1998 he broke his record and kissed 10504 people for the same time.

By the way, do you know that…
…we burn 5 calories while kissing someone on the cheek;
…patients who often receive kisses from their relatives and friends get well faster then unkissed ones;
…an average person spends two weeks for kisses for the whole life.

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International Kissing Day Wallpapers

Girl kisses snowmanSource: image.desk7

Mom kisses her babySource: livedoor.blogimg

She kisses horseSource: artleo

She kisses her teddy bearSource: 1freewallpapers

Girl kisses dolphinSource: goodwp

Flying kiss HD wallpapers

Flying kissSource: wallon

Flying kissSource: galerey-room

world_kiss_day_HD_wallpapers_21prSource: buzzerg

Kids kiss HD wallpapers

Kids (children) kissSource: econet

Kids (children) kissSource: hq-wallpaper

Kids (children) kissSource: zastavki

Children (kids) kiss on the roadSource: hdwallpapersbucket

In-love couples kiss HD wallpapers

in-love couple kissSource: wpapers

in-love couple kissSource: artleo

In-love couple kiss on the stairsSource: luxfon

in-love couple kiss on the roadSource: img13.nnm

In-love couple kiss: TwilightSource: grandwallpapers

In-love couple kiss sitting on a lawn with balloonsSource: wallpapersnewhd

Wild life kiss HD wallpapers

Wild life kiss: cat and dogSource: bankoboev

Wild life kiss: squirrelsSource: rewalls

Wild life kiss: horsesSource: wallgrad

Wild life kiss: rabbitsSource: grandwallpapers

Wild life kiss: pigeonsSource: motto

Wild life kisses: birdsSource: hdwallpapersrocks

Wild life kiss: giraffesSource: wcrates