Happy Diwali 2016 (HD wallpapers)

Another year has passed and we are celebrating this beautiful festival of lights – Diwali – again. Every year we wish happiness and light to fill our lives. This year we want to wish you the same but in a different way.

Happiness and spiritual light are the fruits of our deeds, attitude, beahviour. If we do what we like it makes us happy. But if we do what makes happy others, in return, we get much more happiness. Of course, we are not saying to start doing something purposely to win people’s favour. No. Whatever we do should come from the heart.

Sometimes we are gong through hard time and it seems whole world is against. Then we start to feel pity for ourselves and feel ourselves small and unimportant. In fact, we all are big and important and able to turn the world. So it’s in your power to lit up your heart with joy and happiness this Diwali and spread this mood around you. Happy Diwali 2016!

Diwali 2016 wallpapers

Kids celebrating Diwali 2016. HD wallpaper
diwali2016photos (size: 1920×1080)
Diya light on Diwali 2016
vecteezy (size: 1920×1080)
Ganesha from aurumn leaves. Diwali 2016
xyztimes (size: 1920×1080)
Happy Diwali beautiful wallpaper 2016
happydiwaliwishess (size: 1920×1200)
Festival of lights 2016. Diwali
allfestivals2016 (size: 1920×1080)
Happy Diwali wishes 2016
diwali2016photos (size: 1920×1080)