Flowering alley in heart of Yaroslavl, Russia (summer 2016)

This summer the heart of Russia’s Golden Ring – Yaroslavl – can boast with a beautiful flowering alley laid out in the city centre, on Andropova street. Original flowerbeds were designed by the towns and villages located in the Yaroslavl region. Each flowerbed is decorated with the symbol of the town, village or district by which it was designed.

The flowered alley is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Yaroslavl region. The project got the name “Flowering Yaroslavia – 2016”. The opening ceremony took place on  July 7th. Every flowerbed is a reflection of its creator. They possess the soul of their towns and districts, demonstrate the uniqueness of each Yaroslavl region’s town or village. Over 120 000 flowers and plants were used to create this unique project. Flower compositions show the spiritual and aesthetic beauty, rich and generous nature of the Yaroslavl region.

Citizens and guests of the city can enjoy the beauty of flowerbeds till mid-autumn.

Photos: ©Volganga.com