Scientists open the secret of happiness

British scientists have discovered the secret of happiness after long researches. It’s turned out to be very simple and affordable for anyone. Briefly, it can be explained in just two words: “Be yourself”.

During several months, British psychologist were conducting a research to detect what really makes people happy. Around 600 volunteers  took part in the experiment. First of all, the people were asked to describe in detail what positive qualities, talents and skills they possessed, and to point out one, which, they consider, is the best. The aim of this task was to pinpoint the happiness level of every participant. All volunteers, then, were divided into two groups.

For a week one group was offered to perform day-to-day activities using their talents, positive qualities and skills, the other – focus group – did not use their talents and skills for the same week. In a week the scientists found out amazing results. The first group’s happiness level started to rise up considerably. The participants who used their talents and skills felt much more happy than in the beginning of the researches and happier than the volunterrs from the focus group.

In a months, the scientists questioned the participants again to evaluate their happiness level. This time almost every participant noted out that they really feel happy more often than before. Herewith the researches point out that the high level of happiness remain for a rather durable time period. Having analized the received data, they came to a simple conclusion. The more people use their talents and skills (which they are gifted) in their every day life, the happier they become.

Thus, the secret of happiness lies within us. We should do what we like and use all our talents. At the same time, we should act according to our personal views, morals, decisions and not listen to what other think of us.