Unusually bright staff

Designers’ imagination continue to inspire them for unusual, at times even bizarre creations. Here are four mesmerizing things in which light has got an unbelievable and interesting implementation.

1. Garden Critter Solar

These garden lamps will perfectly take place in your yard, entertain all family members and neighbours at dark hours

Amusing raccoons in illuminating glasses will decorate your garden with a good mood

Source: firebox

2. Bookmark lamp

For book fans and students who are used to prepare for their exams just the night before, designers have developed a unique bookmark lamp. Due to its construction the light illuminated falls only on the page. It is a perfect solution for those who share a room. Your night reading will not more disturb your roommate.

The most awaited by book lovers

Source: ippinka

3. Toaster knife

No more toasters in which bread crumbles are collected. Toaster knife will perfectly make bread toasts just in a move of cutting.


Source: handheldmuseum

4. Canadian passport

Canadian government has decided to entertain citizens having made an original design of passport pages. In daylight they looks like normal passport pages, but in dark colourless boring document becomes filled with colourful bright illuminated pictures.


Source: imgur