Fun Zone

Astonishing illusions which will drop your jaw down

1. Where does he come from?

Wait until the picture changes and you will see how 12 men become 13.

12 men become 13. From where does he come?Source: kevincarmody

2. A neverending chocolate bar

From now on you know the secret and can share a chocolate bar with all your friends and still you will have a whole bar.

A neverending chocolate barSource: amazfacts

3. Perspective illusion

Experience how perspective can cheat your eyes and mind.


experience the perspective illusionSource: wasse3

4. Where does the chair look at?

Just watch and try to figure out how this is possible.

abnormal chairSource: watson

5. Powerful mind

Where does this train go? Change its direction by just thinking of it and watch!

what direction does this train go?Source: bakuwara