A girl suffering from cerebral palsy wrote 60,000 word novel with her foot

In one of the rural communities of China a 21-year-old girl suffering from cerebral palsy has written a 60,000-word novel by typing on keyboard just using her left foot’s toes.

21-year-old Hu Huinyuan suffering from serious cerebral disorder is writing a fiction novel by typing with her left foot's toes.

The young novelist, Hu Huiyuan, has been living with the diagnosis since her birth. Despite being different, the girl has always been keen to study. With no doubt she is a self-made person as she learnt to read on her own with the help of television subtitles. Loving parent of the talented writer, dad Peng, 49, and mum Sun, 47, say that their daughter has never accepted her inborn differences and whole life she has been proving herself, her parents and others that she is just a normal person with abilities and talents.

When she was born the doctors said that she would not survive more than a few days, but she did.

They didn’t know what was wrong with her at first but 10 months later they told us it was cerebral palsy.

About the only thing she could really move was her head and her foot, but she was incredibly determined.

She eventually learned to do all sorts of everyday tasks using just her foot.

The inspirational girl doesn’t consider herself being extratalented or genius. However, she clearly realizes that everything is only in her hands and the opening opportunities give her all this determination which helps to achieve goals.

I’m not a genius but I’m very focused. When you have a disability like this, you have to learn patience, Hu says.

Hu’s mum remembers that when her daughter was learning to speak she could repeat one word for 1000 times until it is perfectly pronounced.

Hu's novel's six chapters are completed

Now the young girl is writing a fiction novel about dreams and love. With the speed of 20-30 words per minute, Hu has already finished six chapters out of the nine planned for her future book.

Source: The Mirror