Why true love?

Why true love?People have confusion about true love. Some say that true love never exists, and some say it does exist. But why to define it? For what? If you doubt yourself then sure you will talk whether true love exists or not. It is same as discussing what was the first an egg or a hen. Simply, all the things you see and feel, have their size and can be measured quantitatively or qualitatively… So you can say love has its size too, means all have not equal love because of different nature of people… We cannot see at night so we defined it is dark, but some birds and animals can see at night, for example, an owl. I want to say that if quantity of light decreases we say it is night, and if quantity of light increases we say it is day. Same applies for love, like light always exists and only its quantity decreases or increases, so love always exists, too. Only sometimes its quantity can vary but quality of love will be the same. That’s why love is limitless and undefined in words.