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Maggie (2015). Trailer & Film Review: what to be ready to?

This is the most human zombie film you’ve ever seen, and it’s the most human role you’ve ever seen me take on.
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Original movie name – Maggie
Country of origin – USA
Director – Henry Hobson
Screenplay writer – John Scott 3
Cast – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson
Genre – thriller
Initial release – May 8, 2015 (US)

Arnold Schwarzenegger once acting as Terminator said “I’ll be back” and he’s kept the word. The actor returns with his new film work this spring. “Maggie”  is made in the genre of apocalyptic zombic thriller. Along with the former Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, it stars the former zombie and Academy Award nominee Abigail Breslin. The upcoming American movie is directed by Henry Hobson and written by John Scott 3. “Maggie” is believed to become outstanding. It is much awaited by the audience also especially because the film is based on the screenplay which in 2011 was included into the Hollywood Blacklist of Best Unproduced Screenplays.


Maggie is not a mere traditional horror thriller with zombies hunting for people and people trying to protect themselves and eventually kill the aggressive creatures. It is the story about humans, family, love, devotion and faithfulness, making vital decisions and choices.

The events take place in middle America. A serious threat of zombie plague busts out and spreads around. A 16-year old girl Maggie Volo (Abigail Breslin) got infected, and from here the story starts. She decides to leave home in order to protect her father, Wade Volo (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from her dangerous irreversible disease. Wade cannot imagine his life without daughter. He initiates a search for her and finally finds her in a hospital.

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With all his spirit, love and devotion to the family, the common farmer Wade returns his daughter home and make all the efforts to help her. He never gives up and always hope to cure the infected girl whose body and consciousness are gradually transformed into a zombie. Both, the daughter and the father are challenged by the disease.

The US government, aware of the zombie plague spread-out, decides to eradicate it simply by killing all the infected. But the father’s love for daughter cannot accept that Maggie is going to die. How the story gets untwisted, what challenges are faced by the main heroes and how they cope with all the difficulties – these facts we will keep secret in order to warm up your interest to the film.

What to expect?

The released trailer hints that ‘Maggie’ is going to be a different type of horror movie. It is more dramatic, more versatile and, really, human. Here zombie transformation does not happen in a moment. On the contrary, this process becomes an integral part of the plot. We watch how a nice, joyful young girl tuns out into an aggressive, monstrous creature whose only life aim is to hunt for food. However, the viewer should still keep hope that human side will win.

In global sense, ‘Maggie’ is a story of human transformation. It goes to the root of the question “Why we change, what to do with this change?”.  It also shows that the most important we have in our life is our family. Only here we get unconditional love respectively of what we are and what we do. Family will support us in any case no matter what.

VolGanga strongly recommends to watch ‘Maggie’.  Its initial release is set to May 8, 2015. The film will be available in cinema halls as well as on demand.