The woman learnt about her pregnancy one hour before her childbirth

An amazing thing happened in the USA. Katie Kropas from Weymouth, Massachusetts, came to the hospital with back pains. However, doctors declared a diagnosis which astonished a 23-year old woman. Just in an hour after having learnt about pregnancy, she gave birth to a baby girl.

The young mum says she had no idea she was going to have a baby. She went to the hospital as she suffered from strong back pains.  She remembers that as she complained to the doctor of her problem, she was immediately taken to ultrasound. In less than an hour she was holding a baby girl who got the name Elly.

I started to feel like I had put on some weight but I had been [thinking] maybe that was just Christmas,” Katie shares.

The doctors are not surprise that the new mum didn’t feel she was having a baby inside.

Most people will say, ‘how could you not have known?’, but if you’ve never experienced it before they [pregnant women] don’t really know what they should be experiencing or feeling, one of the doctors at the hospital says.


Source: The Mirror