Mosha the Elephant got her 4th leg

Mosha, the female elephant

Mosha the elephant from Thailand has finally got her 4th leg in a form of a prosthesis. Since the year 2006 Mosha has been living on her three legs after she stepped on a land mine.

She was then adopted by the MaeYao National Reserve. Its doctors had to sew the injured leg.  The veterinarians worried about the recovery of the female elephant. For the first time she often rejected to eat in a company of other animals. Later Mosha accepted her new state and even learnt how to walk and live on her three limbs.

Now the Reserve announced the launch of an elephant hospital. And the nine-year-old female elephant has received a prosthetic leg. Mosha is the first elephant in the world that has an artificial limb.

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Mommy elephant and baby elephant in a rainbow sea

The prosthesis was developed especially for Mosha’s incomplete leg. It is made from plastic, sawdust and metal. The artificial walking device perfectly fitted the elephant. Reserve’s employees say she is feeling very well. Some people even noticed that Mosha had started to smile.

In Cambodia and on Thai border elephants often become victims of land mines. Now they got a ray of hope to be cured and continue their friendly life.

Mosha without her prosthetic leg