Sweet sleeping babies wallpapers

Happy World Sleep Day! Sweet sleeping babies wallpapers (1366×768)

Today on 13th March the world is celebrating the World Sleep Day. Congratulations to everyone who loves sleeping and devotes enough time to this healthy “activity”. This day was established by the World Health Organization only seven years ago. The date of the World Sleep Day is not fixed. It is celebrated annually on Friday of the second full week of March.

The importance of sleep can’t be overestimated. During sleeping a human’s organism renews itself. It’s a kind of self-treatment. That is why it is significant to get a full rest at night. Doctors say that adults should sleep for 8-9 hours and kids for more than 10 hours.

Just see how sweet and cute these sleeping babies are.  A single look at them fill us with peace and calmness. Happy those people are who have these little sweet angels. And it’s unbelievable how women and young girls leave their newly born babies alone. But even then abandoned kids grow up with a great desire to be a much better parent for their future kids than their parents were for them.

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