“Seventh Son” (2015) Review

“Seventh Son” is a fantasy by a renown Russian film director Sergey Bodrov. In essence it is made in best traditions of a fairytale with villains, heroes, unusual beings and, of course, a love story line.


The action takes place somewhere in the Medieval times when the world is inhabited with mysterious creatures, witches, werewolves, and dragons. Their only dream was to gain the power over common people and rule the world.

The story is based on the novel “The Last Apprentice: Revenge of the Witch” by Joseph Delaney. In brief, the picture tells a story of a spook, John Gregory, who is the seventh son of the seventh son – the only one who has survived in a life long fight against the most powerful and evil witch Mother Malkin. Gregory is now an old man with grey hair, moustache, and beard. He is unable to win Malkin on his own. Therefore, he decides to take an apprentice who will have to undertake and continue the trade of the last seventh son. Finally, his chose falls on young Tom Ward who is also the seventh son of the seventh son. Thus, the adventure of two evil fighters begin. We become witnesses of classic relationship between fathers and children.

Just like most of the movies “Seventh Son” doesn’t miss an opportunity to include a love story, even several love stories which are skilfully woven into the plot and the general stream of narration.

A special appreciation goes to the beauty of natural landscapes shown in the film. Shots taken from t he height open chains and valleys of magnificent mountains before our eyes. The images take our breath away. The effect becomes especially strong if to watch the picture in 3D.

It would be worth to mention a subtle humour with which the authors awarded one of the main characters – John Gregory, the Spook. Despite all his seriousness, at times he surprises viewers with his wit and jokes.

In the beginning the film may seem to be drown-out and by the end – too quickly developing. However, on the whole it gives a pleasant impression of a good old fairytale.

Watch “Seventh Son” and share your experience with us.