Learn social distancing from our little friends

Today the human part of the world is in the state of biological war with the COVID-19 pandemic. While doctors are saving our lives, scientists are working on new vaccine to cure the disease, we’ve been suggested to use weapons available to most of us: staying home and social distancing. These two rules are pretty simple to follow but still there are some people who manage to break them due to the lack of discipline or distorted mindset. And now our little fluffy and winged friends are coming to help and demonstrate us what to do to stay alive and healthy.

Here’s a collection of photos which depict how animals and birds set an example of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s learn this simple pattern of behaviour from them to save our lives.

Dogs practising social distancing sleep

Dogs observing social distancing

Cat-style social distancing

Social distancing - cat style
Cats following social dintancing rule

Farm animals observing social distancing

Farm animals keeping distance
Farm cows observing social distancing

Social horse-tancing

Social horse-tancing

Keeping distance with neighbours

Fluffy neighbours and social distancing

Birds showing how to keep social distance

Little birdies demonstrating social distancing
Social distancing lesson from ducks

Wild boars on a social distancing morning walk

Boar style social distancing

Stay in line but keep the distance

Animals in lines - cats
Animals in lines - cats
Animals in lines - dogs

Social distancing performance by hares

“Human, return to your home!”